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After graduating college with a Criminal Justice Degree. I was hired by Allstate Insurance where I handled auto, property, large fire loss and subrogation claims. After 7 years at Allstate I started a concrete business. After a few years of that I decided to get back to insurance adjusting. Over the years I have worked for Holmes Murphy (Kirkland and Co. at that time), Sedgwick, RepWest and McCord and Associates. After 18 years in the insurance industry I decided to open Wilson Insurance Consulting. My goal is to help people navigate through the confusing and difficult insurance world. I get great satisfaction in helping people  through their claims process. I focus on getting them the fair and proper value or compensation that they deserve.  

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Steve Wilson
Texas Licensed Adjuster

I grew up in central Nebraska. I started working in corn and bean fields at 12 years old. When I was 14 a member of my church, who owned a machine shop asked if I wanted a summer job. I worked for him all through high school. Fulltime in the summers and part time throughout the school year. I learned a lot about welding and fabrication. The owner wanted me to go to school for welding and then come back to one day run his business for him. That was not my dream unfortunately. So I joined the Nebraska Army National Guard and went to college. After I returned from basic training my parents helped me buy my first $15,000 house. I grew up helping me grand father and father repair and remodel their homes and their rental houses so it seemed like a good idea. I remodeled the house over a couple of month and a year later I sold it for double what I paid for it. I paid my parents back and I began fixing and flipping houses  while in college and serving in the national guard. After graduating College I moved to Lincoln Nebraska while I was applying and testing for local police departments. As my student loan payments began to come in I needed a job to pay the bills. That is when I found out that Allstate was hiring. Thinking it would only be temporary until I was hired on by a law enforcement agency I applied and was hired. After the first year I received a promotion and pay increase and from there it was history. I found a job that really fit my life experience and expertise. Over the next 18 years I took insurance classes and tests until I was a licensed insurance adjuster in every state in the US that required one. 

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